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Silent witnesses
On these pages you will find family documents photographed for the web under the name of silent witnesses
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Telegram sent by Max Cassuto in 1940 from Batavia (Ind., now Jakarta) to the family in The Hague, Netherlands, at the outbreak of World War II. The telegram reads: "God bless you, keep good courage, Max"

Identity cards given out in Bandung (Ind.) by the Japanese occupants to Albert van Zuiden and Betsy van Zuiden-van Praag, parents in law of Max, 1942

postcards, prepared by the Japanese army for the prisoners of war to send to their family. Three cards, sent by my father Max, have survived for more then half a century and the front of two I show here and the backside of the third is to be seen below

The backside of one of the cards. Mark the cynical content, f.i. "The climate is good ... The Jap. commander sincerely endeavours to treat prisoners kindly....."

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