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From ancient times,
On this page photographs are published from the old family albums, mainly dating from the end of the nineteenth centrury and first years of the twentieth century. The greater part of the pictures originates from the Winkel branch, in which taking pictures was apparently more current or there was more tendency to preserve (less probable).
The Winkels were a more established and affluent family in those days than the Cassuto family.

Rabbi Jacob Content, (known as Rebbe Jokew) father of Esther Content, who was married to Moses Winkel, father of the four further below, among which Carolien, "oma".
So Rebbe Jokew is my (Rob Cassuto) great great grandfather.
Rebbe Jokew was rabbi to the Dutch Israelite Main Synagogue in Amsterdam. In the second half of the nineteenth century he was a very popular rabbi, known by his erudition in Talmud and Torah, his spiritual and witty disposition and his love for humanity.
I found this photo in the suitcase with papers about the family, collected by my uncle George z.l. and now at my disposal. The photo apparently was taken from a magazine and goes together with a short article on the rebbe out of a weekly, I suppose the Nieuw Israelitisch Weekblad, somewhere in the fifties, 1954.
See for this article the portraits of the past page.

Mozes Winkel married to Esther Content, (picture at the right), parents to Carolien, Jaap, George and Annie, see the children as kids below. View their marriage dinner menu on p.3 of the Silent Witnesses pages...
More about Mozes

Debora Cassuto-Henriques Coelho, married to Moses Cassuto, father of Ies Cassuto, (great)grandfather to many of the vistors of this page, I presume.

Simcha Cassuto, alias Rosine, sister to Isaac Cassuto, with son Max and daughter Dora

This is a foto of Mozes Winkel,
in his old age,
married to Esther Content
father to the four below,
He passed away 1931; View his obituary on the portraits of the past page

On the back side is written:
Rousj Goudesj Siwan
20 mei 1928
Voor onze lieve Pa!
Ter eere van onze Gassene
Kate en George

Rousj Goudesj Siwan=
First day of the Jewish month of
Siwan (plm half May-half June)
Gassene = marriage (Jiddish
from Hebrew chatunah)

George was elder brother to
to Carolien ("oma") and was married
for some years to a German woman
Kaete, who kept contact with the
family many years after her divorce
and after the 2nd world war.

The children of Mozes Winkel and Esther Content, anno 1895
from left to right: Jaap, Carolien (my grandmother), Annie and George

Caroline, 1900, elevenyears old

Caroline and her class at the "meisjes HBS " (Hogere Burgerschool, advanced college for civilians, in this case for girls)", something rather exceptional in those times, a girl participating in advanced education. Caroline is sitting on the floor, right. I estimate the year is 1905.
Look at all those beautiful puddinglike hairdo's...

Caroline in her class at the meisjes-HBS, college for girls; she is third from right.

Caroline in 1907, eighteen of age and probably not long before meeting Isaac Cassuto

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