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From ancient times, tempo doeloe, the Dutch Indies years 1925 - 1934

in reconstruction

Bandung, 1925- 1927

Some 3 years Ies worked as a lawyer in The Hague; perhaps because he was not too succesful, (the first world war contributing to a situation not favorable for starting entrepreneurs), perhaps because of the prospect, that in the colonies Jewish origin played a minor role, Ies and Lien left for the main Dutch colony of the East Indies, nowadays Indonesia.
reconstructed timetable residence of Ies and Lien in the Dutch Indies:
1915-1917: Pekalongan, middle part of Java
1917-1922: Probolinggo, east part of Java
1922: leave in Holland
1922-1925: Serang, west part of Java
1925-1927: Bandung, west part of Java
1927-1929: Magelang, east part of Java
1929-1930: leave in Holland
1930-1934: Bandung

They arrived there on the Dutch East Indies in the first half of 1915.
On this page the Bandung years, with the intermezzo in Magelang.

In this house in Bandung the Cassuto family resided in the years 1925- 1927. The address was Oude Hospitaalweg 25.
Below the some shots of the interior.

On this picture above you see at the right a cupboard that survived the world war II; I remember it from the Badhuisweg 86 in Scheveningen and it was called 'the chinese cupboard' ('de Chinese kast').

Ies and Lien Cassuto in their house plm 1926

Family Cassuto plm. 1925/26

Above a picture of the main house on the rubber enterprise ('rubberonderneming') "Tjigombong" of Albert and Marie Zeehandelaar. The 'onderneming' was in the neigbourhood of Bandung and the Zeehandelaars were close friends of the Cassuto's. Many a photo of those years is witness of pleasant trips to Tjigombong and its splendid surroundings.
Below we see a group of people taking leave of Albert and Marie Zeehandelaar on their way to a period of leave in Holland.

The picture is taken on the station of Bandung, 1926. Second from left Marie Zeehandelaar.Next to ger at the right Lien Cassuto. Extreme right Albert Zeehandelaar. In de center with straw hat, spectacles and moustache Ies Cassuto.

Gathering with the 'regent' of Bandung and his wife (the 'Raden Ajoe'); the Regent was the indonesian nobelman and indigenous ruler, like the English in India the dutch maintained the indigenous nobility, but they had no real power. Below a detail:


Bandung, 1930-1934

The most prosperous years the family had in Bandung, where Ies had the important position as a school director, in the meantime etablishing his repute as an expert in Indinesian law.
mre pictures will be added to the ones below.

Ies Cassuto was director of the MOSVIA, Middelbare Opleiding voor Inlandse Ambtenaren, college for the education of indonesian civil servants; we see him here, in 1934, as a kind of father with his pupils. below a detail of this picture, look at those striking features in the faces of the men

Ies Cassuto at the final exam ceremony of the above mentioned school; from left to right, the dutchman in white left is the "resident", dutch colonial administrator of the province, then Ies, then the "regent" of Bandung (the indonesian nobelman and indigenous ruler, like the English in India the dutch maintained the indigenous nobility), then Lien