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seventies, eighties and nineties
On this page photographs are published from around the seventies, eighties and nineties of the twentieth century
round 1971

some pictures taken about 1970-1971, when Ernest and family were over from the U.S.
pictures above show Lien ("Oma") and Ernest and, right, with Canne, in the living room of the 82 Vogelkersstraat, The Hague, home of Max and Puck, who we see below in action in the kitchen. Below right Oma still on the 86 Badhuisweg balcony; soon after she would move to a home for the elderly.
Cassuto brothers in U.S.

Canne and Hetty's kids (Kelly Ann and Calvin), Puck, Max, Elly and Ernest in 1981; the parents still going strong!

Offspring of Max and Puck Cassuto

Picture of Max and Puck Cassuto's children and grandchildren, taken at the occasion of Max and Puck's 40th marriage anniversary. l to r: Ab, wife Monique with before her the little Rogier, Irene, husband Karel and Rob with before him the little Leonore, Rogier and Leonore being Ab and Monique's children. Below we jump to 12 years later, look for the differences:

The offspring of Max and Puck Cassuto, photo offered as a present to mother Puck Cassuto for her 70th birthday by children and grandchildren. From left to right standing Francy Groeneveld, Rob's then partner, Rob, Karel van Zwol, Ab, Irene van Zwol-Cassuto, Marloes; sitting in front Leonore and Rogier, the latter three children of Ab

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