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From ancient times: Puck Cassuto van Zuiden

The only picture of the wedding of parents Albert and Betsy in 1919. They had also a Jewish celebration ("chupah") in an Amsterdam synagogue, though they were not religiously practicing in any respect. Albert served since plm. 1907 in the Dutch colonial army in the then Dutch East Indies and was on leave in Holland. He was 36 ans she was 35.

Puck with father on horse, about 1925
with parents in Bandung, Ind.
same period, mark the beautiful car!

about 1928, in Bandung, with parents and (as mentioned on the backside:) Annie Hol and girl friend Hennie Kippers

Puck with baby George Cassuto

famous family picture: families van Zuiden and Cassuto united on this picture, 1931; on the right standing Max Cassuto, then 16 years of age, with at his feet sitting his future bride Puck

same period, Puck with her parents. I can't help being impressed by the look in the eyes; and I can't help thinking it must not have been easy to be the only child of these parents....

a unique gathering at (I suppose) in father Albert van Zuidens home at the Valkenboskade 400 in The Hague. I guess the year is 1938, maybe beginning of 1939. Apparently it was a social happening including:
back row from left to right: Herman van Zuiden (son of Alberts brother Bernard), Max Cassuto, Albert van Zuiden, Hetty Winkel fiancee to Ernest Cassuto, who is sitting next to her and then Wies Houthuyzen Kerrebijn; sitting from left to right Puck (Remi) van Zuiden, Mary ('Zus') Houthuyzen Kerrebijn. Wies and Zus were best friends to Puck. The man in the middle is indicated as 'Dad Lioni'.

Big question: had Max already cast an eye on Puck? Or was this guy Dad Lioni then courting Puck?

December 23, 1939: marriage of Max Cassuto with Raymonde (Raymi) van Zuiden,
my parents (uncle+aunt etc.), Max and Puck

Puck and her mother "Omi" in 1941 or beginning 1942 and her first (grand)son Robbert, being the webmaster/me), just before the Pacific war broke out.

Grandma Puck with grandchildren Rogier and Leonoor; the picture on the picture is a photo the children of Puck had taken of themselves at the occasion of Puck and Max's 40 year marriage celebration
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