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The first Cassuto to appear in the Dutch registers is Ephraim Cassuto. We don't know where he was born, but possibly he was a cousin of Moses Vita Cassuto, jeweller and merchant at Florence (Italy), who wrote a diary about his travels to Palestine and through Europe.For more abour the diary go to the special page about Moses Vita Cassuto's travels. Indeed I have some information Ephraim resided or was possibly born in London, according to a marriage notice in the Amsterdam registers.
Maybe he or his father travelled to London in the first half of the 18 century to represent jewell business affairs there.
Possibly Ephraim had stayed in Amsterdam to research into business possiblilties and maybe he decided to establish himself there.

for a thorough research in Dutch Jewish families you may go to the search page of the Institute for Dutch Jewry in Jerusalem

pedigree of the Dutch Cassuto's
This pedigree follows the Cassuto male line from Ephraim to our generation
Also included in this site is a survey of ancestors to (great)grandfather Isaac(1885) and his wife Caroline(1889), which includes also the female line up till plm. 1810
Where does the name come from and who are Cassuto's of more or less reknown? Go for this to the Cassuto name page....

1. Ephraim Cassuto,
marries Hanna Savie (died 1794, Amsterdam).
Efraim gives notice at the Portuguese Isr. Synagogue of Amsterdam of the birth of:
a daughter, December 30 1747; (=Esther?)
a son, probably Juda, March 29 1751;
a daughter, February 13 1754 (=Esther?)
Birth date of Efraim is not known nor the date and place of his decease (probably outside of the Netherlands, anyway outside of Amsterdam). Though there is a marriage notice in the Sephardi registers in Amsterdam of a marriage in 1738 of an Ephraim Cassuto (witness mother Ester), born in London 1719, with Gracia de Nathan Cohen (born in 1720). Most probably this is the same Ephraim.
There is a notice of decease of Esther Cassuto, buried february 21 1771, Amsterdam.

2. Juda Cassuto, born March 29 1751, probably at Amsterdam, buried in 1823, Amsterdam.
Marries first Rachel Saqui (deceased 1777, Amsterdam) children passed away early. Marries a second time Mirjam (Marianne) Delmonte (daughter of Mordechai and of Ester Mendes Coutinho).
Three sons:
Mordechai, born April 3 1780 , Amsterdam, deceased 1808, Amsterdam, soon after birth of his son Juda. This Juda Cassuto Mzn founded the German branch: Jehuda de Mordechai Cassuto (1808-1893), moved to Hamburg and acquired a sizeable library of Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew works in 1835 in the form of a collection started in the seventeenth century by a Portuguese Jew in Hamburg (more about
Jehuda Cassuto). Isaac Cassuto (1848-1923), Jehuda’s son, expanded the library considerably and published historical articles based on the collected material. His son Jehuda Leon Cassuto (1878-1953) had little time to devote to the contents of the library, although he lavished large sums on new acquisitions, leaving the study and description of the books to his son, Alfonso Cassuto (1910-1999).
Alfonso moved to Portugal. He sold his collection to the University of Amsterdam. His son Alvaro is director of a symphony orchestra in Lisbon.
Ephraim, born January 12 1782 te A'dam, buried July 6 1856, Amsterdam. All Dutch Cassuto's descend from him.
David, born January 31 1785, buried 1826, Amsterdam. Not married.
Mirjam, born on date not known, deceased 17 dec. Amsterdam; also is possible she was a daughter out of the first marriage of Juda.

3. Ephraim Cassuto Jzn, born January 12 1782, deceased July 6 1856, Amsterdam. He was a tailor. Marries 11 juli 1809 at Amsterdam Caatje Rebecca Lopes Quiros (birth 1784 Amsterdam, daughter of Moses and of Aletta Lindeman).
In the marriage papers the name Cassuto is spelled wrongly and Ephraim spells himself his name as Cassutto. Later, in 1961, a legal request of George Cassuto Izn to correct the name to its original spelling mode, Cassuto, was granted. His elder brother Max Izn followed this correction, and in this survey I do too. Brother Ernest didn't, so so his offspring spells Cassutto.
During the formal conclusion of the marriage at the town hall Ephraim and Rebecca acknowledge as their legal child:
Juda, born 7 march 1808. Rebbecca was not a jewess from the viewpoint of jewish law (the Halacha), because supposedly her mother wasn't. At the time of the Marriage she had converted already. At the birth of Juda Rebecca had not yet passed to judaism.
Moses, born march 7 1815- Jan. 13 1872, Amsterdam, spells his name as Casoetto, marries Hanna Henriques Coelho and is the ancestor of a small amount of Cassoetto's left, among which Jeanne Cassoetto who married Fluegelman and moved to Venezuela, daughter Jacqueline (Jacky).
David, born 1824, diamond cutter, lived in the Weesperstraat around 1850; his only child Rebecca marries in 1883 Moses Querido, son: Israel Querido.
Abraham, born 1820, Amsterdam, married to Petronella de Haas, tailor, lived in the Weesperstraat around 1850. This branch is extinct, he had one daughter, Rebecca.
Mordechay, born 1820, passed away when just married.

View Cassuto's in Amsterdam ca 1850, a survey derived from the Amsterdam town archive

4. Juda Cassuto Ezn., married in 1830 Rachel Sealtiel.
(from Juda on is also available a
survey of ancestors to Isaac and Caroline till plm. 1810)
He was a cantor and religion teacher. Rachel was a daughter of David and Gracia Levy Montezinos. Children:

Apart from some daughters( Ribca Cassuto 1832-????, Gracia Cassuto 1835-1835, Mirjam Cassuto 1836-????) 3 sons:
Ephraim, born July 18 1833 (diamond cutter, ancestor of miss. E. Weber-Cassuto , Hamburg). This branch became extinct in the male lineage. Possibly father of Klara Cassuto (1870- +1920), who married Jesajas Kleerekoper in 1890.
David, born 1835, married Sara de Leon. From his only child Rachel, who married J. de la Bella, descend the de la Bella's.
Moses, Sept.22 1841 - 1900 , The Hague.

5. Moses Cassuto Jzn., born Sept.22 1841, Amsterdam - 1900 , The Hague, hair dresser, diamond cutter, later the profession of stock broker is mentioned. Marries dec. 5 at Amsterdam Debora Henriques Coelho (daughter of Daniel en of Ester Nunes Vas), born 1846, Amsterdam, deceased 1912, The Hague.
They begot 11 children, all born at Amsterdam.
Juda (1867) passed away shortly after birth.
Rachel (1868-1942 Auschwitz) married to Elias Tas, son Raoel Tas (dec 1942 Auschwitz, no descendants alive.
Daniel (alias Theo) 1870-1946, passed away at The Hague, married to Frieda Leichsenring, no descendants alive. His son Theo, married for the second time to Hermine Katan, got a son Robert, born in 's-Gravenhage 05-06-1941 - Auschwitz 03-10-1944. . All perished in 1943/44 in Polen. more about Theo
Ephraim (alias Ernest), 1873-1934, married to Mietje (Meta) Zon.
Two daughters, Isabel Nanny Dénise (Denise, born 4 mei 1904 passed away - 1957 of 1958 ) ) and Ernestine (Em, born Okt. 24 1902, deceased Jan. 9 1996), who married G.V.Th. (Gerard) Cohen Stuart.(
19 januari 1898, -1978). They begot two daughters, Denise (Dédé born Okt. 14 1932 passed aqay 6 december 2005, , married to Afsar Hussain Khan , born 24 juli 1926, deceased 8 februari 1985, a son Athar and daughter Shireen) nd May Toya.(born 18 april 1929, passed away29 januari 2023. marrie to Kees Buitenhuis: born12 januari 1927, passed away27 december 2012).
Simcha (alias Rosine, see pic), 21-10-1874-1943, passed away 26-02-1943 Auschwitz, married first to Hamme, a daughter, Dora, and then to Danser, a son, Max, who begot two sons, Max and Eduard.
See also te survey on the additional pedigree page
Anna, 1876-1942, Auschwitz, married to Simon Moses Waas, only her daughter Dora, married to L.Hartmann, is still alive.
Dora had two children among which Tom Hartmann
Marianne, 1879-1885, passed away unmarried.
Sara (alias Ciska), 1881-1920, The Hague, not married.
Rosalie (alias Ro ), 1883-1937, not married.
Isaac, 1885-1955, The Hague.
David, 1887-1959, The Hague, married to Maria Zwaan. Their son Adriaan passed away in 1986. He was a gardener and was slightly mentally handicapped.

A more complete survey of the descendants of Moses and Deborah is to be viewed on this page (derived from the genealogy page of the family Bobbe)

6. Isaac Henricus Cassuto, born March 13 1885 at Amsterdam, deceased April 26 1955, The Hague, lawyer, professor in Indonesian law.
He took on after his first name of Isaac the name of Henricus as a remembrance to his mothers name Henriques, which was to become extinct. All his male descendants got this name.
He marries on August 15, 1912 at The Hague Caroline Winkel (Lien, daughter of Mozes Winkel
more about him - and of Ester Content), born May 23 1889 at The Hague, deceased May 20 1978, The Hague.
Three children, all sons:
Max Lodewijk Henricus, born 16-6-1915, Pekalongan (Indonesia), deceased april 16 2003, The Hague.
Ernest Henricus, born 1-12-1919, Probolinggo (Indonesia), deceased 1985, Baltimore (USA)
George Henricus, born 22-12-1929, The Hague, deceased September 21 1996, Bunnik                                     for a photo of Isaacs offspring click on ››

7. Max Lodewijk Henricus, born 16-6-1915, Pekalongan (Indonesia), deceased april 16 2003, The Hague. See the words of remembrance dedicated to him at his funeral.
Married in The Hague December 23 1939 Raymonde Valentine (Puck) van Zuiden (born June 28, 1921, Tjimahi, Indonesia, passed away March 4 1998, The Hague, daughter of Albert van Zuiden (26-3-1883, Assen - 196.., The Hague) and Betsy van Praag (October 25,1884 Amsterdam - 1974, The Hague).
Three children:
Robbert George Henricus, born Febr. 13 1941, Bandung (Indonesia). married,14 august 2023 to Dominca Cannegieter, born 26 dec 1949,Breda no children.
Albert Ernest Henricus, born Nov. 6 1946, The Hague.
Married Monique Tobi (divorced). A son: Rogier Henricus (born April 8 1975), two daughters: Leonore (born April 20 1977) and Marloes (born July 18 1980).
Irene Marianne, born August 2, 1948, The Hague. Married to Karel van Zwol, born May 30, 1952, The Hague. No children.

8. Ernest Henricus, born 1-12-1919, Probolinggo (Indonesia), deceased March 18 1985, Baltimore (USA).
Married in The Hague, April, 22 1949, Elisabeth (Elly) Rodrigues, April 23 1931, Amsterdam, deceased May 5 1984, Baltimore. Read more about Ernest en Elly on the site their son George dedicated to his parents.
They begot 5 children, three daughters and two sons.
Hetty, born Febr. 24 1951, married to Jim Haden, a daughter Kelly Ann (Jan. 3 1973. married to Mike Farrington), a son James Calvin (Calvin, Jan. 21 1975, married to Kim Binion).
Marilyn and Carolyn (twins), born Aug. 23 1952; Marilyn married Alex Chryssovergis, a son
Dean (nov. 1 1979), Carolyn married Ralph Stewart, a son Geffrey (Gef, Aug. 8 1985) and a daughter Kristina Elisabeth (Tina, July 7 1987)
George and Benjamin (twins), born June 16 1960; George div. Teresa, a daughter Grace (Jan. 20 1994), a son Gabriel (July 7 1995), a daughter Glorie (Oct. 1998):
Ben married Elizabeth (Liz) Mickel. Ben passed away October 18, 2012.

9. George Henricus Cassuto, born Dec. 22, 1929, The Hague, deceased September 21 1996, Bunnik. Married Johanna van Rooyen, born Febr. 26, 1933. Three children:
Michiel Henricus, born July 27 1962, Den Helder, married 1992 Marjanna (Marjan) Sophia Helena Thesingh, born March 7 1956 Kisaran(Indonesia), daughters Kim (June 6 1992) and Nicky (March 26 1996, passed away November 21 2002).
Carine, born Sept. 7 1964
David Marinus Henricus, born Aug. 7 1969, married March 6 2922 to Achva Berman, born 25 feb 1983, children (twins) Gilad Shlomo and Shaked, born May 29 2023.

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