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Rob Cassuto attends introduction new Torah scroll
We introduce artist Denis Stuart
Hetty mails
Canne to sell her house?
Irene's garden
Ellisa Cassuto
Canne to move to new place
Hetty's birthday

rob's birthday visitors
Hetty volunteer
Rogier c.s.
Calvin and Kim at X-mas
Cassutto reunion with the Flesches
Chez Irene's
Minke's birthday
De urn of father/opa/uncle Max placed in the family grave
George mails
Tina got the lead
in Anne Frank production
Tina in Anne Frank play
Michiel to farm in France?

marriage Calvin and Kim
Irene retires
Rob Cassuto and Minke back from vacation in France.
Kelly and Mike at their wedding
their party
hurricane Isabel
Ben and Rosh haShana
good news for Irene
Irene and Karel
in memoriam

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Rob Cassuto attends introduction new Torah scroll in Nymegen shul

I attended the celebration of the new Torah scroll in the Nymegen shul; it 's an orthodox congregation brought recently to new bloom after a period of starvation after the war. Though I am not orthodox but more in the Reform line I feel a special connection with this congregation in my home town and from time to time I am present at memorable occasions.
After the Tora scroll was inintiated the attending rabbi's and other members of the community brought the new Tora together with the already present specimens seven times around the 'bima' (pulpit) which was adorned for the occasion with a 'chupah'.
The rabbi reading in the prayer book was the one who wrote the new Tora scroll in Jerusalem, a very meticulous job requiring months of accurate handiwork. The very last words of the scroll have just been written, as tradition wills, on the spot.
I made this picture with my new digital camera!

October 31 '04


We introduce artist Denis Stuart, son of Metoya, who is daughter to Gerard and Em Cohen Stuart-Cassutto. Em is the daughter of Ernest Cassutto, the brother of Ies Cassuto. Title of this painting is: 'The son of painting'

On his website one reads (text Amy Smith): With all the passion and unbridled intensity Denis Stuart pours into his work, you get the feeling that you’ve been thrown headlong into one of Richard Wagners’s stormy operas; the raw, spiritual force of his work immediately consumes you. The pulsating colors he uses evoke the unpredictable and potentially apocalyptic forces of sea and sky.

Hetty mails:
Two weeks ago George, Marilyn, Alex and Dean and Canne and I all went to a lovely hotel in N.J for the wedding of Olav Flesch's daughter Valerie, to her fiance Christopher Emerick. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony. Here are a few nice fotos of all of us.

click on the pictures for enlargement en more pics


Ellisa Cassuto (anthology from 2 e-mails)

I have been corresponding with your sister(must be: cousin, RC) Carolyn for a little while.
The Cassuto's in New York are always interested in making contact regarding our family name.
My name is Ellisa Cassuto and I am 41 years old...My father's name is Mark Cassuto and he is from Alexandria, Egypt. Dad has 2 younger brother's and one older sister....
My first cousin, Alan Berliner is a documentary filmmaker....He did a film about our paternal grandfather called "Intimate Stranger"....(if you google that, you might get more info)*

If you would like to learn more about our lineage, you can contact my dad...Mark Cassuto in his office (he loves to talk about it, and he is very knowledgable). I am sure he would love to hear from you.
Unfortunately my dad has not conformed to modern technology. He does not have a computer or email. So, the only way to reach him is either thru my email address, or the #'s I gave you. My dad is 71, and has his own textile company which he is very passionate about.
My mom is very passionate about her job too...she is a "Mother" and "Grandmother"...and wonderful at both.

As for me...I am divorced, no children...I am a Special Education Teacher in
New York City. I have 2 sisters, both married with 3 children each...and one brother who is
single and has his own law practice in the Empire State Building.
My dad's brother Albert has email...and would be happy to hear from you as well.

Thanks again for your response.
Keep in touch.
Ellisa Cassuto

*We googled it and may refer you to the beautiful site independent film maker Alan Berliner
The film 'Intimate stranger deals with Alan Berliner's maternal grandfather Joseph Cassuto.
from the website we copy:

INTIMATE STRANGER (1991) explores the extraordinary life story of Berliner's maternal grandfather Joseph Cassuto, a Palestinian Jew raised in Egypt whose lifelong passion for Japan created confusion and conflict in his post-World War II Brooklyn home. Following its premiere at the 1991 New York Film Festival, it was invited to many film festivals, museums, universities and film showcases all over the world, winning several awards and prizes, including an EMMY nomination by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and a 1993 Distinguished Achievement Award from the International Documentary Association. The Washington Post called INTIMATE STRANGER "a brilliant, one of a kind film... funny, probing... so wholly original in both style and substance as to seem completely without precedent... intoxicating to watch... a spectacular high wire feat by a master."
›› Alan Berliner ››
somewhat more about Joseph Cassuto on the specials page

I am going to see this film for sure! Rob C.


Canne to move to new place

I have found a really nice apartment to live in with Geff and Tina. It isn't far from where I live now. Geff has a new job that he will begin working on September 1st. We may move in next month. Our house will be up for sale within a few weeks. As soon as I know more about my new address I will let everyone know privately. It's a new beginning for us and I'm really excited about it. Veel liefs . Canne

here is a nice picture of me, Marilyn and George at Hetty's pool on our birthday. The weather was not so good that day but it was very gezellig. We had fun with George's kids Hetty, Tina and her boyfriend Andy. Love, Canne

Aug. 26

Hetty's 53th birthday dinner

Hetty mails: "Here are some fotos George took of my birthday dinner last night. Canne, Tina, Calvin and Kim, and George and Glorie all went out with me and Jim. We had a wonderful time!"

Happy birthday, Hetty, may the next year be one of health, well being and wishes coming true...



Rob Cassuto with birthday friends

And a nice picture taken at Rob's birthday party. First I had in mind to let it pass but it was Friday 13th, according to Dutch superstition a day of bad luck, so after all - to keep the demons away - I decided to invite some friends (Minke, Nico, Renee, Maurice, Pink,Jos, Lille) and usher in shabbat and the next year of my life together.
Here you see next to me, holding two "challa" loafs of bread, my friends Nico and Renee.
Renee is a documentary and television maker and with her we three are busy making half an hour of a radio program for the Dutch Israelite Congregation. This program is on the occasion of the Purim holiday. At Purim the custom is to fool each other with kinda practical jokes (like Dutch "1 April"), so our radio program will be a fake magazine with all kind of nonsense reports.
It will be broadcasted 7 March.



Further news from Hetty:
This weekend I helped my boss as a volunteer at the Arthritis walk. Our physical therapy group had a display table and I was the Public relations girl who answered questions and handed out brochures, etc.
Here is a foto of me volunteering!

May 4


jan. 1. 2004  00.15

Rob and Minke with friends Martin and Anita and daughter Elvi and son Jasper and some other friend, looking the new year in the eyes


The american Cassuto's (children of Ernest and Elly) at the wedding of Calvin and
Kim, Hetty, Marilyn, Ben, Carolyn and George (from left to right) ››


Ralph and Geff during Indian restaurant celebration of husband/father Ralph's 50th birthday

Canne and Tina in Indian restaurant (can't miss, see the Taj Mahal)

Cassutto reunion with the Flesches

"I placed the Passaic Family Reunion pics I have on my website" writes George Cassutto Ezn
Click on

You see pictures of the American Cassuto's, children of Ernest and Elly Cassutto, gathered with their neighbours from the time they lived in Passaic (NJ), a period long ago when the family just moved to The States. I, Rob Cassuto, vaguely remember having seen the Flesches, when I was in Passaic in 1961 on my trips to New York working as an assistant in the pantry kitchen on the then still sailing mailboats.


New pictures on Page two!
Three different views on Rogier Cassuto.
Click on the samples or go to page archive 4


Calvin and Kim at X-mas

Chanukerst dinner Chez Irene's 25 dec. '03

we kept the family tradition of coming together at X-mas;
this was the first time without father Max. We gathered at Irene's in Zoetermeer, Sweet Lake City






Minke's birthday was on the day after X-mas: congratulations and Mazel Tov. More pictures on her website

De urn of father/opa/uncle Max placed in the family grave

From left: Ab, Marloes, Rob with urn in his hands, Irene, Hanneke; Rogier took the picture

Earlier we reported:
De urn gaan we bijzetten in het familiegraf. Dat gaan we doen op vrijdag 14 november om 15.30 op de begraafplaats Nieuw Eykenduinen, Kamperfoeliestraat, Den Haag. In ieder geval zijn daarbij Irene en Karel, Ab en mijn persoon.
Het zal een sobere bijeenkomst worden. Daarna gaan we een hapje eten.
Wil je bij deze bijeenkomst zijn , dan ben je welkom, hierbij............
summary in english: the ash of our father/opa/uncle Max is placed in the family grave Friday Nov. 14th, a sober meeting.

In the meantime this has happened. Indeed it was a sober meeting. Present were Hanneke, Irene, Ab, Rogier and Marloes.
The weather was not bad. Rob placed the urn (see above, click to enlarge on the picture) in a hole, digged
beforehand, and we all
filled it up with a shovel. Then Rob said Kaddish.

Afterwards we sat together in the reception room for more than an hour drinking coffee and sharing memories.
Then we went to Ab's and observed an old family culinary tradition: eating a meal of Indonesian food. We then were joined by David who had caught a serious cold and had excused himself at the cemetary. Ab showed on his enormous TV-screen a curious recent video tape of father/opa/uncle Max, sitting in his familiar arm chair, very old and one could see he was almost not really present anymore in this world.

View also the pictures on archive p. 2

George Cassutto mails

Hello and Merry Christmas to All,

I just revised the Cassutto Family Web Album at

AOL: The Cassutto Family Web Album, Winter 2003 Edition

I hope you will drop by to see us. I pray your holiday season was merry and meaningful.
My apologies about not sending cards this year. Nevertheless, I always love hearing from family and friends, so don't be a stranger to the phone or the keyboard.

Until next time,


december 2003



Tina got the lead as Anne Frank in high school production

Canne Stewart-Cassutto writes about daughter Tina: Hey everyone, Tina auditioned and got the lead as Anne Frank in her high school production of their fall play. She said nothing of mom's story to the director so she got the part fair and square. I wish you all could come in November to see it. Love, Carolyn

09 sept 03


Pictures of Tina in Anne Frank play (high school production)


Tina in costume at home
she has real yellow stars on her costume!
It could have been reality if she had been born 70 years ago

The Chanukkah scene. Canne's Chanukkah candle on the table is lit

The cast of the play. Tina is second from left, the famous diary in her hands


Michiel Cassuto ponders on farming in France
He writes: Hier regent het nu eindelijk eens een beetje,
het was zo droog, ik was al aan m'n wintervoer begonnen.
Afgelopen weekend zijn we in de Elzas (F) geweest om de overname van een
melkkoeienbedrijf te bespreken, heel mooi in de bergen, 25 km. West van
Colmar. Een boer die zijn bedrijf overgedragen had aan zijn zoon. De zoon is
twee jaar geleden overleden! Of het wat wordt weet ik nog niet.

At last it's raining here now a little bit. It was such a dry weather I started with the winter fodder. Past weekend we were in the Elzas, France, to talk over the purchase of a dairy cow farm. very beautifully situated in the mountains, 16 miles west of Colmar. A farmer who had transferred his business to his son. The son has passed away two years ago! I don't know
yet if it's gonna work out

10 sept 03

An update: It didn't work out....The farmer and his wife appeared to be in a state of great confusion at a next visit of Michiel. They couldn't come to a decision and later they didn't respond to a written summon of Michiel, so the business has been cancelled. But this didn't detract from Michiels determination to find a good place in this region of France
(oral communication by his mother Hanneke, Nov. 14)


Calvin Haden, son of Hetty Haden-Cassutto
and Jim Haden, married June 28 2003 to Kim.

We see bridegroom and bride at the reception in Baltimore (USA) ››
Hetty writes:
This was a very memorable and emotional day for me, my family and the Hadens, and for my brothers and sisters and their family: the Cassuttos, Stewarts and Chryssovergis' in the USA. I wished so much our parents and other relatives could have shared it with us. It was so special to have relatives from Holland, cousin Ab and his son Rogier, there to witness an American family wedding.
When my son Calvin and I danced to "In My Life", my favorite Beatles song, it was the high point of the event for me.
Many blessings on the bride and groom for a happy and long married life.

The Cassutto sisters ››                                     Calvin and Kim ››  


Irene throws away her case!
Irene van Zwol-Cassuto, beloved sister, cousin, aunt, retired from more then 25 years of teaching household skills. Here we see her throw away her case, a bit melancholly, but mostly intensely relieved.

for a photo of Irene and husband Karel click
on ››

Rob Cassuto and Minke back from vacation
in France.
See some pics! Click on Minke..
. ››

Another marriage!

The daughter of Hetty Haden-Cassuto, Kelly
and her fiance Mike got married on Aug. 26.
at the beach at Cape Cod.
In spite of hurricane Isabel there was a big cook out party in Massachussetts on Sept. 20....

Kelly and Mike at their wedding

Marriage party Kelly and Mike

The daughter of Hetty Haden-Cassuto, Kelly and her fiance Mike got married on Aug. 26. at the beach at Cape Cod. For pictures go to the archive
A reception party in Massachussetts has taken place on Sept. 20, despite the hurricane, that ravaged the West Coast.
Mother Hetty writes:
Kelly's new husband is Mike Farrington, she is now Mrs Kelly Haden-Farrington, they live in Methuen, Mass. They had been engaged for over a year, and Kelly met Mike personally when she went to Boston on vacation after she separated from her first husband. First they corresponded on the computer for awhile. He is a kind and gentle young man and very good for her!

Mike is a software engineer for Morgan Scientific in New Hampshire, and Kelly is going to college this year full time for a technical computer degree in web design and tech support.
She still works for Orthopedic and sports medicine Physical therapy part time also, doing billing ( same type of work as I do.)

‹‹ parents Hetty and Jim

Mike has two brothers, his dad is retired. His mother passed away last July.
They have a townhouse and Kelly also volunteers at the Animal shelter and takes care of lost kittens and cats and gets them ready to be adopted!



Hurricane Isabel harasses eastcoast USA and American family
from Hetty's e-mail:

Hi everyone, friends, and family:

Just a word to let all of you know we survived Hurricane Isabel. We lost power around 12:30 am friday. It rained and stormed all day and all night. Neither Jim nor I could go to work as power was off everywhere. We were lucky enough to have a generator. Jim thinks of every scenario so he has had one for a few years, but we never really needed it til now.
Our basement was flooded, and we could not run the water since we are on a well.
Jim kept the generator going and he pumped out the basement., Then he alternated between keeping the freezers and the refrigerator running. We had flashlights and two lanterns so we were not totally in the dark. We listened to the battery beach radio all day and all night and tried to get some rest.
The next morning, we were scheduled to fly to Mass. with Calvin and Kim ( who were one of the real lucky ones and did not lose power) to celebrate Kelly and Mike's recent marriage. They were having a big cook out- party with Mike's family and their friends. I prayed all night that the power would come back on soon so we would not have to cancel our trip.
Right after midnight on Saturday, I noticed a light was on in the downstairs hall.
That meant the power was back! Jim and I jumped out of bed, reset the clocks and were so thankful. Our prayers had been answered. We really felt lucky because most of the state is still without power. Downtown Baltimore was flooded and lots of people lost everything.
George and the kids did not lose power, either.
Carolyn did, but hers came back on a lot sooner than ours did (...)

21 sept 03

from Cannes mail:

lieve alemaal, Isabel did so much damage in Pasadena and the surrounding area that Tina and I haven't been to school for three days. Luckily our house was spared but some of my neighbors don't have roofs on their house anymore and many beautiful trees were blown right out of the ground.
The Chesapeake Bay had pollution blown into it but environmentalists say it could have been worse. Ocean City fared pretty well, Ab, and David. Not too much beach erosion.
We lost electricity and phone service for 15 hours. You don't know what a luxury it is just to flick on a light switch until it's gone. Today is Tuesday and finally I'm back in the health room at school and Tina will finish out the week and continue rehearsals for Anne Frank.
Love to all, Canne

23 sept 03

George mails:

Isabel ravaged our eastern coast. States such as N. Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland were hit the hardest. My house was without power for about 12 hours, but there are thousands who are entering their second week in the dark. Now we know how the people of Iraq feel, and we don't have their 140 degree (F) heat.

Hope all the Dutch Cassutos are well. I have had a Dutch student in one of my Civics classes now two years in a row. Good chance for me to practice my Dutch. Please pass regards on to all of the Cassuto progeny.

23 sept 03


Ben Cassutto celebrated Rosh Hasjana and mailed:
"Liz and I had a wonderful time at our synagogue. Here is a web link to our synagogue was beautiful weather and we observe Taschlich at a big park and lake in the DC area. We will go up again for Yom Kippur, and then we celebrate Sukkot the Church that we attend in Salisbury, Maryland. They have been celebrating the Jewish holidays for 10 years now."
He and Liz send their greetings to everyone in the family

28 sept 03

Good news for Irene!
She mails:
Lieve mensen,
Even melden dat ik vandaag mijn darmscopie heb gehad.
De uitslag was gelukkig goed, hoera!
Een hele opluchting zoals jullie zullen begrijpen.
Over 3 jaar hoef ik pas weer terug.
Wie dan leeft, die dan zorgt! liefs van Irene
dear family
Today I had my colonscopy. I'm happy to share the outcome was
good, hurrah! A big relief as you will understand. Three years and
only then I'm due for the next coltrol. But that' s a care for later!
love Irene

okt. 14 '03

Irene and Karel van Zwol-Cassuto, Christmas days in Zoetermeer, Netherlands, 2003

{tm#In {yYxh rOrcb rOrc

include their souls in the bundle of eternal life

we remember
George Henricus Cassuto Izn

Dec. 22 1929 - † Sept. 21 1996,
8 Tishri 5757


We remember:
Nicky Cassuto

March 26 1996 - † November 21 2002,
16 Kislev 5763

we remember

Raymonde Valentine (Puck)
Cassuto-van Zuiden

June 28 1921 - † March 4 1998, 6 Adar 5758

view the Puck Cassuto-van Zuiden page


we remember Ernest Henricus Cassutto

December 1 1919, Probolinggo (Indonesia),

† March 18 1985, Baltimore (USA), 25 Adar 5745



we remember Max Lodewijk Henricus Cassutto

June 16 1915, Pekalongan (Indonesia),

† april 16 2003, The Hague (Netherlands), 14 Nisan 5763, Erev Pesach

retrospective on his life

Elisabeth (Elly) Rodrigues - Cassutto,

April 23 1931, Amsterdam - † May 5 1984, Baltimore,
3 Iyar 5744

more about Elly and husband Ernest H. Cassutto


we remember
Robert Cassutto, grandson of Daniel (alias Theo) 1870-1946, brother to Isaac Cassuto. Daniels son Theo, married for the second time to Katan, got a son Robert, born in 1941

June 6 1941, Den Haag - October 3 1944, Auschwitz
, 16 Tishrei 5705, Sukkot

I include Robert not only because he was a namesake and a peer of mine but also as a representant of all the young children of our larger family, who have been murdered in the Second World War.
Robert died in 3-10- 1944 in Auschwitz. This information is based on a list of deportation from the Netherlands found in the In Memoriam - Nederlandse oorlogsslachtoffers, Nederlandse Oorlogsgravenstichting (Dutch War Victims Authority), 's-Gravenhage
(source: the new database on the Yad Vashem site)

We remember Hetty Winkel

November 11 1922, Amsterdam - November 30 1943, 3 Kislev, 5704, Dorohusk, Poland

Hetty Winkel was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 10-11-1922 . Hetty died in 30-11-1943 in Dorohusk, Poland. This information is based on a list of deportation from the Netherlands found in the In Memoriam - Nederlandse oorlogsslachtoffers, Nederlandse Oorlogsgravenstichting (Dutch War Victims Authority), 's-Gravenhage (courtesy of the Association of Yad Vashem Friends in Netherlands, Amsterdam)
(source: the new database on the Yad Vashem site).
But most probably the date of her death is not November 30 but November 3 - she appears to have been murdered during the great slaughtering of Jewish slave laborers of 3 november- , see the updated information on the web page dedicated to her,
view her page on the familysite
In that case her Jahrzeit is: 5 Cheshvan 5704

Deceased: Ferdinanda Hendrika Helia van Zwol-Zuiderwijk, mother of Karel van Zwol and mother in law of Irene Cassuto. May she rest in peace. We wish Karel and Irene strength in the difficult times they are going through.

Nov. 7 2003

Deceased: Johannes van Zwol (1917 - 2004), father to Karel van Zwol and father in law to Irene Cassuto. May he rest in peace. We send our condoleances to Karel and Irene.

Febr. 8 2004

Deceased: Dominicus Cannegieter(1910 - 2004), father to my friend Minke Cannegieter. May he rest in peace.

Aug. 14 2004

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