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From ancient times: the van Zuiden-van Praag pages
page four: the part dedicated to the ancestors of Puck van Zuiden, wife to Max Cassuto Izn
NEW: info about parents, brothers and sisters of Albert

This page shows some old pictures of the ancestors to Puck (Raymi) van Zuiden, my mother, our oma/aunt/niece/whatsoever.
I know much less about their names or dates
(maybe later more data will become available).

The parents of Puck are Albert van Zuiden (Assen, March 26 1883) and Betsy van Praag (Amsterdam, Oct.25 1885). As their grandchildren we nicknamed them "Opi" and "Omi". Below we see them in their youthfull state. Left is Betsy 18 years old (1904) and right is Albert as a captain in the army of the then Dutch Indies; I estimate he was then in his thirties and still unmarried, let's say around 1917


division Betsy van Praag family

Left we see the grandfather of Betsy:
mr. ? van Praag, passed away in the twenties of the twentieth century. Puck had still some memory of him in his very old age; he died at 92.

Betsy was the daughter of Jonas van Praag and Valentine Naura; the picture of Jonas is dated 1882.

She had a sister Marie, who was married to Ies Kamerling (below)

and a brother Andre (who emigrated to the U.S. before world war two), married to .... , a son Jean.
Below: Andre as a young man and as a father with Jean

Division Albert van Zuiden

Heiman and Roosje van Zuiden

The parents of Albert posing solemnly for an Amsterdam photographer. I estimate they are here in their late fifties, around 1900 or earlier and I imagine they had come from Assen, where they had a shop, to Amsterdam especially for this photo being taken, let 's say for the occasion of their marriage anniversary...
The first name of mr. van Zuiden I must still search for, his wife was Roosje Engers.
Rhe solution has come from a far relative in the US, who surfed to these pages and sent me his knowledge about the families van Zuiden en Engers, which is also incorporated in the text below.
So the first name of mr. van Zuiden was Heiman (Herman in transformation to common Durch first names).

Albert had many brothers and sisters.
The information of the far relative in the US reveals the following list:
1. Heiman (Herman) Samuel5 van ZUIDEN (Samuel Meijer4, Meijer Marcus Godschalk3, Marcus Godschalk2 GODSCHALK, Godschalk Israel Salomon1 JACOBS) was born 02 October 1850 in Assen, and died Aft. 1895. He married Roosje Freerk ENGERS 17 January 1875 in Assen. She was born 28 February 1846 in Assen.( family of Heiman van Zuiden see )

Children of Heiman van ZUIDEN and Roosje ENGERS are:

i. Samuel Heiman van ZUIDEN, born 15 June 1875 in Assen, railway employee, † 9 april 1943 Sobibor.
ii. Frederik Marcus (Frits) van ZUIDEN, born 27 March 1877 in Assen, to me known as Frits, survived WW II
iii. Mozes van ZUIDEN, born 24 November 1878 in Assen, fate unknown, maybe died young
iv. Abraham (Bram) van ZUIDEN, born 06 June 1881 in Assen. † 25 sept. 1940
v. Albertus (Albert) van ZUIDEN, born 26 March 1883 in Assen. Ancestor to me and my kin
vi. Hinderientje (Riek) van ZUIDEN, born 07 May 1885 in Assen. Known to me as Riek, survived
vii.Meijer van ZUIDEN, born 19 January 1887 in Assen. Known to me as Max
viii.Elizabeth Amalia (Lize) van ZUIDEN, born 27 July 1889 in Assen. † 11 Dec. 1942, Auschwitz, see below
ix. Bernard van ZUIDEN, born 20 April 1892 in Assen; † 08 October 1942 in Auschwitz.

I remember from my youth: Frits, his elder brother and Max, a younger brother and one of his sisters, Riek, who was married to a mr. La Bella, a man who played an important role in the labour union world before WW II. I heard mentioned the name of Bernard and below are pictures I found of his brother Abram ("Bram"), who figures on more pictures in my Box, and Lize, whom I never heard of († Polen); on the back is written:" Lize van Zuiden (unmarried sister of "Opi")"

Lize and Bram


And this beautiful woman is "Penina van Zuiden-Duque (tante Nien), wife to Abram van Zuiden", as is written on the back

picture dating from a vacation in 1958, featuring Albert(75) with his younger sister Riek (Hinderientje), 73

Soldier Albert van Zuiden

Albert van Zuiden graduated from the Miltary Academy in 1904

and imediately after went to the Dutch East Indies to serve in the Colonial army, first as on the isle of Sumba, east of Bali, and then in the province of Djambi, on the isle of Sumatra. Below a picture of this period. Albert is the officer on the black uniform woth the kepi.

Below a detail. Albert is still second lieutenant and looks very young; maybe this picture is taken in Sumba.
No sissies under his command so to see.

this old pic below mentions: "bivak Timor" (an isle east of Java)

Another picture, this one taken on a boat, maybe on its way to Djambi


These are the only pictures of the wedding of Albert and Betsy in 1919. They had also a Jewish celebration ("chupah") in an Amsterdam synagogue, though they were not religiously practicing in any respect. Albert served since plm. 1905 in the Dutch colonial army in the then Dutch East Indies and was on leave in Holland. He was 36 ans she was 35.
On the picture below we recognize a big photograph of mother Valentine Naura looking down on the newly weds, who are flanked by little boy Jean, son of André van Zuiden, en Dédé Kamerling, daughter of sister Marie and brother in law Ies Kamerling.

Omi in 1941 or beginning 1942 with daughter Raymi ("Puck") and her first (grand)son Robbert, being the webmaster/me), just before the Pacific war broke out.

more before WW II pictures of Albert and Betsy van Zuiden with their daughter Puck
on the page dedicated to Puck
for the real family interested: the van Zuidens in the 19th century:

Samuel van ZUIDEN
(Meijer Marcus Godschalk3, Marcus Godschalk2 GODSCHALK, Godschalk Israel Salomon1 JACOBS) was born 01 March 1811 in Hoogeveen, and died 03 April 1892 in Assen. He married Henderientje Heiman van HASSELT 13 May 1838 in Assen, daughter of Heiman van HASSELT and Sara van STEDUM. She was born 28 January 1818 in Boertange, Vlagtwedde, and died 19 April 1911 in Assen.

Children of Samuel van ZUIDEN and Henderientje van HASSELT are:

i. Frouchien Samuel5 van ZUIDEN, born 21 February 1839 in Assen; died Aft. 1916 in Assen.
ii. Saartje Samuel van ZUIDEN, born 14 November 1840 in Assen; died 04 December 1840 in Assen.
iii. Saartje Samuel van ZUIDEN, born 05 January 1842 in Assen; died 01 May 1913 in Assen.
iv. Meijer Samuel van ZUIDEN, born 06 June 1844 in Assen; died 24 February 1922 in Assen. He married (1) Henderika Levie van HESSEN 29 October 1871 in Groningen; born 17 September 1843 in Aduard; died 24 April 1895 in Assen. He married (2) Bartha Philip van HASSELT 01 May 1896 in Slochteren; born 13 August 1855 in Ten Boer; died 20 November 1912 in Assen.
v. Heiman (Herman) Samuel van ZUIDEN, born 02 October 1850 in Assen; died Aft. 1895.
father to Albert van Zuiden › Raymi van Zuiden › Rob, Ab, Irene

vi. Mozes Samuel van ZUIDEN, born 18 November 1852 in Assen.
vii. Bernard Samuel van ZUIDEN, born 06 July 1855 in Assen; died 07 March 1935 in Assen.
viii. Bertha Samuel van ZUIDEN, born 15 August 1858 in Assen; died 05 November 1942 in Auschwitz.
ix. SB D Samuel van ZUIDEN, born 04 November 1863 in Assen; died 04 November 1863 in Assen.
x. Philip Samuel van ZUIDEN, born 07 April 1865 in Assen. He married Marianne Elizabeth van MINDEN; born 09 October 1858 in Amsterdam.