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parasja van de week
my journey to Israel

mijn reis naar Israel

het begin
essay over Genesis

korte verhandeling over Pesach


hfst I: de visie van Freud       
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hfst II: de visie van Buber
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  Cassuto name pages

    pedigrees ›››

introduction and survey
Italian roots
pedigree 1.
(male line from 1750)
pedigree 2.
ancestors 19th cent.)

    family documents ›››

in memoriam Max Cassuto

portraits of the past
page 1.

written landmarks
page 1a.
page 1b.
page 2.
page 3.
page 3a.
page 3b
page 4. (password required)
page 4a. (password required)
page 4b. (password required)
page 4c. (password required)
page 4d.
(password required)
page 5. (password required)

Moses Vita Cassuto travels page
--page 1: landing in Egypt
--page 2: Hebron
--page 3: Jerusalem and Safed
--page 4: from Palestine to Constantinople
page 5: from Constantinople to Vienna
--page6: home: from Vienna to Florence
--page 7: journey to England and Holland, from Florence to London
--page 8: from London to Amsterdam
--page 9:from Holland back to Florence

silent witnesses

page 1.
page 2.
page 3.

    photogallery survey page ›››

photo gallery oldies
the nineteenth century
first half of the twentieth century
Dutch Indies:Cassuto's 1915 - 1925
Dutch Indies:Cassuto's 1925 - 1934

page three, 1939
page dedicated to families van Zuiden and van Praag

Puck Cassuto-van Zuiden page
Hetty Winkel page

photo gallery "after the war"
page one, reunion
page seventies, eighties, nineties
for some enlargements

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